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The essential tool for metadata management

Automatically populate your entire catalog in under 5 minutes!

Data Discovery

Find the data you need anywhere within your data ecosystem from the database all the way down to the specific values for each field

  • Automatically document your data from existing data stores
  • First-class support for tabular and unstructured data
  • Automated data governance actions

Data Lineage

Explore your data lineage and understand where your data comes from and where it is going

  • View impact analysis of changes
  • Find all up and downstream impacts
  • Visualize relationships and connections

API AccessNew

Manage your data lineage as code and keep your catalog up to date with the Tree Schema API

  • Integrate Data Lineage into CICD pipelines
  • Capture values & descriptions within your code
  • Analyze impact for breaking changes

Data Dictionary

Know the key terms and lingo that drive your business

  • Define the context and scope for keywords in a data dictionary
  • Rich text definitions
  • Automatically tag keyword context for full catalog search

Data Governance

Assign owners to your data to ensure that your catalog remains up to date

  • Dozens of systematically generated data governance actions
  • Holistic data governance review dashboard
  • Receive notifications for outstanding actions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've spent a lot of time to make the tool as easy as possible to use while also giving flexibility to you for how you interact with it and there are several ways you can build your catalog:
1) Connect your data store directly to Tree Schema and all us to capture all of the schemas (tables) and fields that exist within your data ecosystem.
2) Upload sample files and allow Tree Schema to infer the schema on your behalf.
3) Manually define the schemas and fields that exist within each of your data stores.

We've built everything from the ground up with data security as the #1 priority.
Our servers run in AWS and we exclusively deploy to private subnets with extremely restrictive inbound rules that only allow access through a load balancer via HTTPS. We always leverage AWS KMS to encrypt sensitive information and never persist your information in plain-text.
We highly encourage your to leverage certs, SSL and other secure practices when connecting to your data.


Tree Schema will automatically extract metadata from your databases. There are some places where human interaction is still needed - such as proividing definions to your fields.

We are here to help! There is no extra charge for support with Tree Schema.
You can contact us at and we will work with you to provide one one one support to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Tree Schema.

We're always adding connections to new databases! We currently support Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Kafka, Redshift, Oracle, DyanmoDB, SQL Server, Snowflake, and AWS S3 (for your file-based schemas) and more!

Tree Schema can also automatically parse data from CSV, TSV, and any other dilimted file as well as Parquet, Avro and JSON files.

Don't see your database here? Tell us what you need and we will build a connector for it!

Still have questions? Get in touch