Tree Schema Joins Stemma

Tree Schema Joins Stemma

by Grant
July 2, 2021
Tree Schema And Stemma

Several months ago I made the decision to join Stemma, and today, that decision means shutting down Tree Schema. I’d like to personally express my appreciation to everyone who supported Tree Schema: whether you were a customer, user, partner or just visiting to read the blog - thank you. Without you, Tree Schema would never have grown to be what it is today.

The decision to join Stemma was a difficult decision for me on a personal level but felt right for two reasons:

  • The way Stemma views the world is highly aligned with my own perspective
  • The opportunity to have a broader impact is greater at Stemma

I originally started Tree Schema to help companies understand their data with four founding principles. I believe that these principles transcend all attributes about a company that is looking to document its metadata - the number of employees, the data stack, etc. - and are applicable to every data catalog:

  1. The data catalog should fit into your existing ecosystem, not the other way around
  2. Understanding your data should be excessively easy
  3. Augment significantly with automation
  4. Users should not be forced to use the data catalog to derive value from it

As I considered how to build a product based on these principles that would make the largest impact, it became clear that Stemma and Tree Schema were principally aligned, with the difference residing in the opportunity. While I have a significant amount of personal attachment to Tree Schema, there are several key factors supporting Stemma’s opportunity to become the number one data catalog provider in the market:

  • It is backed by Amundsen, the leading open source data catalog
  • There is a larger, existing team in place, including many Amundsen maintainers and the founders of the original Amundsen project at Lyft
  • Stemma is backed by leading investors

I love data and helping others become more effective with the data that they have. While I will miss the stories from you about how Tree Schema has supported your organization, I hope we can continue those engagements through Stemma. For many of you, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, I will remain available to support you in your metadata journey within the Amundsen Slack channel.

Thank you again for all of your support for Tree Schema!


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