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Tree Schema understands data and users

Data Catalog Cocumentation

Comprehensive help and tutorials, check them out before you try us

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Unstructured data support
All Data Formats

First class support for flat & nested data formats

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Data Catalog Governance
Governance & Ownership

Points of contact ensure your catalog is up to date

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Infer Data Schema
Schema Inference

We can do the heavy lifting to capture the state of your data

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How it works

Build Your Tree Schema Data Catalog in Under 5 Minutes with 3 Easy Steps


Add your data stores

Connect directly to your data store using our automated connectors or skip the connection and set up a reference to your database


Populate your catalog

Create schemas, fields and sample values with a click of a button through data store connections and sample file uploads, or manually via the simple user interface


Share the knowledge

Create rich-text docmentation, volunteer as an expert and create transformations to explore your data lineage!

Capture all of your

Direct Data Store Connections

Connect to the most popular databases in the market to enable Tree Schema to create your data catalog for you

Automated Schema Inference

Create the schemas and fields in your catalog from SQL tables as well as popular file formats that range from JSON to Avro to Parquet.

Standardized Data Mapping

All of your data is mapped to industry standard formats, enabling you to identify potential breaking changes before they occur.

Effortless Manual Documentation

Can't connect Tree Schema to your database? No worries, we have a plethora of tools and utilities to simplify how you document your data.


Eliminate Knowledge Silos

Tree Schema makes it easy to document your data and group your data assets into business-oriented data sets

Full Catalog Search

Query your entire data catalog at one time to find all relevant information at one time and in one place.

Define the Keywords for Your Business

Capture they keywords, acronyms and other lingo that are unique to your company and drive your business.

Tag Your Data

Leverage Tags to be able to group your data and to be able to find all resources that share a tag in one place.

Find Teammates & View Their Expertise

Learn from your teammates by easily seeing what schemas and fields your teammates use and where they have volunteered as experts.

Govern Your Data

A data catalog is only valuable if it is kept up to date, Tree Schema provides all of the tools needed for your catalog to remain current.

Find the Expert for Your Data

Assign owners and have team members volunteer as experts to streamline communication and get straight to the person that knows.

Actions Assigned to Stewards

Over a dozen governance actions are created for data stewards when your team interacts with Tree Schema to keep your catalog up to date.

Governance Reporting & Alerts

Get a quick snapshot of the outstanding governance items for your organization and be alerted with actions are not completed on time.


Understand How Your Data Moves

Data is not static, capture your data flows and define transformations to build a fully-connected catalog.

Source to Target Mapping

Granular field-level source to target mapping provide an end-to-end view for your data lineage while describing connections between databases.

Universal Transformation Definitions

Data can be transformed in a variety of languages and runtimes, easily describe how data moves in any environment with just a few clicks.

Enable Conversations About Your Data

Add comments and attachments to everything within Tree Schema, allowing future users to quickly get up to speed on a given topic.

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