Data Discovery

Spend more time creating products that drive your business and less time trying to understand the who, what and where behind your data.

Full catalog search

Don't hunt for your data. Find any data asset in an instant by searching across your entire catalog from one location. Search across your asset names, descriptions, tags, comments and much more to find the information you need.

Discover what's trending

Your eningeers are always adding new tables and data scientists building new data products. Tree Schema raises awareness of new and trending assets through personalized recommendations to users, surfacing new information about your data and driving reuse of data across your teams.

Find unknown relationships

Explore your data lineage to uncover new insights into how your data is connected. Trace the lineage upstream to its source to understand how your data is created, or follow it all the way through the warehouse to the specific dashboard where it is being used.

Uncover gaps in your catalog

Tree Schema reviews every automated and manual action that occurs to determine if there may be an issue with the documention in your data catalog or even in the underlying data. Actions are automatically assigned to data stewards to ensure your catalog is kept up to date.

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