Data Lineage

Take your metadata to the next level with data lineage insights on how data moves across your entire ecosystem.

Complete development research 8x faster

Don't hunt through GitHub or rely solely on the word of your colleague about how data pipelines work. Tree Schema helps you save hours of time and reduce errors in your research by capturing all of the data dependencies in one place.

Automated lineage capture

Where available, Tree Schema leverages the APIs in your database and dashboard tools to automatically extract your data lineage. With this automated lineage you can get a jump start on creating a fully-connected catalog with just a few clicks.

Interactive exploration

Users can explore data lineage starting from any data asset within Tree Schema. Trace data back to the source or follow it all the way to the dashboard elements to fully understand the data lifecycle.

Get notified on breaking changes

Data pipelines change and downstream dependencies break. Tree Schema helps you identify the breaking changes in your data lineage before you get that call about a broken dashboard.

See Tree Schema in action with a customized demo.

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