Metadata Hub

Tree Schema acts as a centralized hub, automatically extracting metadata from connections and syncing updates back to the source systems

Automatically extract metadata where it lives

Tree Schema sits on the outside of your data ecosystem and reads the existing metadata, allowing you to setup and populate your data catalog in under 5 minutes! No coding is required to integrate with the data tools in your ecosystem, saving your engineers countless hours bootstrapping your catalog.

Sync metadata changes with the source

When available, Tree Schema will push your metadata back to its original system, and will continuously check to ensure they're in sync. Users can get the benefit of a data catalog without being forced to change the way they work.

Detect changes to your data

Developers like to move fast, whether they are adding new tables or removing fields. Tree Schema automatically detects changes and updates itself. Spend less time worrying if your eningeers are moving too quickly - we'll alert your data stewards if there are any breaking changes.

Drive your data pipelines with metadata

Use the Tree Schema API in your data pipelines and leverage metadata to direct your processing. Utilize user-created tags to automatically obfuscate fields labeled as PII, or determine if a table needs to be copied from the data lake to the warehouse.

Structure data around your business

Group data assets into data sets that match your business and use-case. Curate these data sets to give product-centric views of your data or develop learning plans for new team members. The only limit is your imagination.

See Tree Schema in action with a customized demo.

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